How we work

How we work is largely up to you. We are able to help some of our clients with a quick phonecall while others require an onsite visit to your place. We’re also happy to meet you at a nearby coffee shop or cafe. Depending on other factors, we are often able to connect to your computer remotely although we’ve found that this method usually works best after an initial visit. We value highly the warm, personal touch in all of our services.

Our availability is also varied. Often we can arrange to help in the same day. Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll work out a mutually agreeable timeframe.

Our rates are extremely reasonable. For onsite visits, we generally bill at a rate of $125 for up to two hours plus $25/quarter-hour after the first two hours. For phone calls, we’ll bill $25/quarter-hour. Of course, we want you to be satisfied with our service and are open to negotiation for those who have financial hardships. We can accept cash, checks (once we know you), credit cards, and even bitcoin. If you were referred by another customer or friend, we’ll give you a $25 discount.

If you have a need for ongoing and longterm support, we’ll be happy to sit down and discuss alternate arrangements.