Macs and PC’s

For all the ease computers are supposed to inject into our lives, why do they cause so much pain and frustration when trying to do the simplest of tasks? Regardless of the problem you’re encountering, give us a call and we’ll diagnose the problem and either fix it, tell you how to fix it, or in worst case scenarios, advise you on how to replace it with the greatest of cost efficiency.

It’s quite amazing to see all the problems caused by trying to use a computer. Even when you’re just trying to send or read email, print a document, organize music, look at photos, or watch online videos, they don’t always behave the way they should. Let us ease the pain and frustration with an in-home visit, or meeting you with your laptop at a coffee shop if you’re more comfortable in a public location.

We can also introduce you to computer programs (software) which really can simplify your life. If you’re fed up with Windows and don’t want to spend the money on a Mac, we can install a free third option, called Linux, to accomplish most, if not all, your daily tasks. Linux has an added benefit of being immune to the vast majority of viruses and other malware.

Regardless of whether you have current problems or just need someone to explain the use of your computer, we can help.